So excited to use the characters from my Young Adult series, BOOKS 1-3, in this new book where the characters are now adults.

Throwback photo of me from 1998, watching a Vancouver Canucks game as part of my ice hockey research for Books 1-3.

So happy to own my very first ice hockey puck – you know how hard it is to buy one of these in Australia?

Trying to walk in my character’s shoes – or skates, in this case. So much respect and awe for hockey players who so gracefully glide on the slippery frozen stuff!


Having this jersey helps me to focus and feel more connected to my characters. With the internet, it’s easier to research ice hockey and follow a team and my favourite player(s) all the way from Australia!



I would like to thank my critique partner, Heather Ashby, for her continued support and advice. As always, she read this book chapter by chapter as the story unfolded itself to me. Her ability to see the castle in the pile of sand I send her is a real gift.

A special mention to my main source of NHL info, for things I just can’t find out on Google or YouTube–my friend, Brett A. Thanks for answering my million questions here in Brisbane, Australia all the way from Canada. If anyone finds any mistakes in my work, it would be my fault.

Thank you also to my friends and family who live in North America for answering all my questions about their local area and ice hockey, and helping me find the best way to get a real NHL jersey to Australia (tough when I’m not much of an internet shopper).

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