Book 10


Reading up so I know what to ask my triathlete contacts, Shawn Burke and Blain P. 🙂



Road trip to Mooloolaba, Queensland



The swim leg – Mooloolaba Triathlon


The run leg – Mooloolaba Triathlon

095 (3)

The bike leg – Mooloolaba Triathlon

101 (3)

The finish line – Mooloolaba Triathlon


The Japanese restaurant scene


Ollie – the heroine’s dog


Ninja – the hero’s dog


I began writing this book in 2007 and got about 100 pages in before it got too difficult. In 2014, I decided it was time to pick it up again and write till it was finished.

Thank you to my critique partner, Heather Ashby, not only for reading my chapters and giving me encouragement and feedback, she also found me two real-life triathletes to help me with the research. Thank you to Shawn Burke and Blain P. for their invaluable information about the life of a competitive triathlete, for answering ALL of my endless questions, and their generosity with their time. They even read this little contemporary romance and gave me feedback! Any mistakes re: triathlon are totally mine!

Thank you also to my cousin, Manille for hooking me up with someone who worked in television news for further research.

Also, thank you to my beta readers, Justine Ormsby and Michelle Owen for their feedback.

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